Bridal Make-up Trial

I am writing this article for the future brides that are going to make an appointment for the bridal make-up trial, to help them make this experience as efficient as possible. In case you made just the appointment for the big day, I strongly suggest that you make the bridal make-up trial appointment too. Do you need to add more worry to your big day list?

Brides’ make-up is a special one for many reasons, one of these being the bride’s expectations. We all wanted or want to look our best for the big day, and if you turn to a make-up artist for your bridal make-up trial and the one from the big day, there are some things you need to know, that I found to be pretty important.If possible, schedule your bridal make-up trial a few weeks before the weeding. If you schedule only one week before the wedding and you are not happy with the result, there are changes you won’t be able to find another make-up artist in this short time. If you schedule way before de wedding day, there are chances the make-up artist forgot the previous make-up (if not documented).

  • The trial make-up is better done during day time, to be able to catch as much natural light as possible. Usually, wedding photo shoots are done during day time.

  • At the trial make-up, as big as the temptation may be to go with your best friend, mother or sister, I think it’s vital to go alone. The decisions regarding make-up is yours eventually. Talking to the make-up artist would be easier, because his or hers attention would be directed only towards you.

  • If the wedding dress is white, then you should wear white at the bridal make-up trial, especially if you don’t usually wear this color. Most of the times, white demands more make-up or a more intense one.

  • If you intend to work on your tan, it’s pretty important you have the same skin shade on your trial make-up as on your wedding day, regardless if it is a sun tan or self tanner. Don’t overdo it, because I saw some pretty hilarious photos on this topic )

  • It is extremely important that you bring some photos with looks you like. Don’t rely on: I want to look as good as possible or I want a very natural make-up or a very fresh one, as directions for the make-up artist, because these things mean different things for different people. If there are things that you know they are not your style or you don’t like them, tell your make-up artist from the start. For example: I really do not want eyeliner or pink or red lipstick.

  • If you are not sure what you want and the bridal make-up trial day is here and you want to consult with the make-up artist too, do not let yourself overwhelmed by his or her vision, only if you have nothing to object to. The bridal make-up trial is a team work and is the ideal time object, because objecting is a good feedback for the make-up artist.

  • At the end, if you are really happy with the result, take the make-up off! Don’t go home with your bridal make-up trial, especially if your hair is not done and you don’t have your dress on (which is not the case). Men can make really bizarre “compliments”, especially if you are wearing jeans and a t-shirt and an intense and different make-up than usual. It’s harder for them to have the whole vision with the hair, make-up and dress, but on the wedding day I never saw a groom not to admire his bride.

I hope my advices were useful. If you think I overlooked something important on this topic, please leave a comment. Another subject that I haven’t pointed out here is preparing the complexion for these kinds of events, but I’m thinking of making another article or a video on this, because it’s a more ample subject.

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