Winged Eyeliner Cat Eye

I’m not going to lie, applying eyeliner is no easy task. There are good days and there are days when I just can’t make it happen. It’s all about exercise, after all. Today I wanted to show you an eyeliner focused dramatic look. Because I have hooded eyes, I have to start drawing the line quite low, from the outer corner right where the lid is dropping, to be able to create a straight line. I continued drawing on the lower lid too, to form the illusion of a elongated...
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Summer Make-up and Outfit

 I was thinking about my favorite summer make-up or what kind of make-up would I wear if I were to go to a restaurant or a terrace. It didn’t take long to reach this conclusion: gold eyelids, false lashes, orange red lips and a lot of highlighter. And because I was looking for a pair of short shorts for a while now and I finally found them, I thought I would show you a summer look for this make-up.

90’s Inspired Make-up

 Fashion wise, the ‘90s are not my favorite, but as the make-up trends go, there are elements that I really like. For example, the brown lipstick is one of my most favorite, so I thought of a simple, ‘90s inspired tutorial.
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