Feeling a little blue

I like blue, but blue is not a color that I use frequently in make-up. I don’t find it easy to wear. Today I am going to show you how I like to wear blue. Well, one version at least. This time, I chose a matte blue eye shadow and I applied it on the mobile lid. In this case, I find it necessary to use a neutral as transition color between blue and skin, or a color close to the color of the skin, to incorporate better this deep...
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From sweet to sultry

I have a make-up proposal for you today. It is a more daring make-up, for a party or a night out in the club. I’m tired of seeing young women, all with the same kind of make-up (cut crease and eyeliner). The fun part is that we can experiment with the make-up and transform the look easily. This kind of make-up gives sex appeal, that’s why I propose this one as an evening make-up.

My 5 minutes make-up!

Dacă trebuie să ies din casă ȋn maxim un sfert de oră, acesta este machiajul la care apelez de cele mai multe ori. Nu ȋmi ia mai mult de 10 minute. Pe tenul curat, aplic crema EFFACLAR K de la LA ROCHE-POSAY pentru ten gras şi o las un minut să intre ȋn piele. După cremă, aplic fondul de ten HEALTY MIX de la BOURJOIS ȋn nuanţa 52, VANILLA. Fondul de ten ȋl aplic cu degetele din centrul feţei ȋnspre exterior. După fondul de ten, aplic puţin anticearcăn sub ochi....
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