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Valentine’s Day or Any Kind of Day

Welcome back to my blog! Today I have two make up proposals for those of you that celebrate Valentine’s Day. And I have the same make up proposals for those who do not celebrate, but are just going out to a restaurant, a club … or wherever. To be more precise, I have a basic make up that is fresh, sweet, with red lips, which can be transformed into a more glamorous one, with the help of just three products: a lip gloss, an eye shadow and highlighter.

From sweet to sultry

I have a make-up proposal for you today. It is a more daring make-up, for a party or a night out in the club. I’m tired of seeing young women, all with the same kind of make-up (cut crease and eyeliner). The fun part is that we can experiment with the make-up and transform the look easily. This kind of make-up gives sex appeal, that’s why I propose this one as an evening make-up.